How many Reiki sessions should I get?

My services offer a bundle of 3 Reiki sessions.

I have found this to be most effective and then recommend a ‘tune up’ when you feel it necessary.

The First Session:

If you have never experienced Reiki, you will think you are relaxing and you will be receiving the blissful energy, but you probably will not be as open to the magnificence of Universal Life Force, as could be. Your main chakras will be cleared and you will probably leave with a feeling of calmness, and have a most wonderful sleep that night.

The Second Session:

You will relax into the energy of the house, the room, the bed and myself. You will probably allow real healing to begin, whether that be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual; your body and soul know what it needs and the energy that flows to you, goes where it is needed.

You will feel peaceful and have a restful night’s sleep…and things will start to shift for you.

The Third Session:

Relax, Receive, Rejuvenate.

You chose me for a reason. It was time and we were drawn together. You want this. You Trust now. Let go and allow the Reiki energy to clear any unwanted energy blockages and receive for your highest good.

– My Reiki Reflections for today♡



Distant Reiki Inspiration

Learning Distant Reiki in Level II was fascinating, as it allows the client the freedom
to receive Reiki and remain where they are, if time and travel are restricted. There are
so many ways to send distant Reiki and I have tried many of them, including holding the
client’s picture, using a crystal, a teddy bear or imagining the client lying on the reiki
table. The teddy bear resonated with me the most and for years, I used one as the
When the pandemic arrived in early 2020, I began giving distant Reiki often, using
my teddy bear. During one session, I saw in my mind’s eye, the client’s body fill with
white light and I received the guidance to create a unique surrogate and start using it as
part of my team to deliver the Reiki energy to the client. I envisioned it to be a white light
being, longer in length than a teddy bear, for easier hand placements, with chakras that
I could touch, hands I could hold and made of a natural material. When I reached out to
my friend who sews, knits and crochets, she said she would give it a go, modified a
pattern to my specifications, crocheted with 100% cotton and stuffed it with polyester
and had a prototype ready within a few weeks. I fell in love with this white light being
and hand- picked the buttons from my local fabric store, to represent the 7 main
chakras, hot gluing them on. Excited to welcome her onto the team, I gave distant reiki
to a client and during the session, came up with the name Celeste, meaning heavenly
or celestial. For me, offering Reiki is a heavenly experience, as we surrender to the
Reiki source, knowing its wisdom will guide the session.

Karen custom makes these from my vision.

I treat my distant Reiki sessions the same way I would as if the client were in my
home Reiki studio. After washing my hands and preparing myself and my room
energetically for the session, in Ghasso position, I invoke prayer and thanks for all the
healing the client is about to receive. I ask Celeste to represent the client, draw the
distant symbol over her, repeating the client’s name three times. After Byosen
Scanning, I begin the standard hand positions, as I learned in class.

I love cupping my hands on the sides of the beautiful round
face. The front and back chakras can be given Reiki simultaneously, which not only
feels powerfully intense, but is yet another advantage to distant Reiki, by being able to
maneuver the body better.
I prefer to listen to Reiki music with the 3-minute bells during distant Reiki sessions.
The bells provide a gentle reminder, keeping me on track, as I merge with the energy
that sometimes absorbs my attention to time. Reiki and my intuition have shown me
ways to work with Celeste with a continuous flow of energy through the chakras,
shoulders, hands, knees and feet. After the session is complete, with CKR, I hug
Celeste, thank her for assisting me in our Reiki offering and clear her of any further
responsibility…until next time.

Distant Reiki allows me to connect more fully, with no physical distractions. My
favorite time to give Distant Reiki to a client is in the evening. After the session, during
our phone check in, they tell me they are relaxed and ready for bed. I am grateful that
when I give, I also receive, and one of the benefits of Reiki can be a restful sleep. A win
win situation for both of us. Checking in with the client the next day, most say they had
such a deep restorative sleep. Client feedback includes feeling the heat, knowing where
I was on their body, feeling a tingling throughout their body, seeing colors, feeling lighter
and feeling a sense of peace and calm. These are the same benefits often mentioned
when I see a client in person.

Nancy with Celeste during a Distant Reiki session.

Reiki not only has its divine wisdom, but also appears to
connect us all in a union of nurturing love. My clients have made Reiki part of their self
care during these times, by booking regular appointments. They are seeing the
difference in their mental health which is helping to alleviate many physical symptoms. I
believe education of Reiki is paramount in having the clients return for more sessions.

Light Beings come with chakra buttons and their own sleeping bag. Made with white and ecru cotton.

Gifts from the Universe

Chakra MugsGifts from the Universe!

The Universe is continually giving us signs to show us we are on our right path. We need only to listen and be observant. Each time I am aligned with my highest truth, I receive wisdom insights, downloads and inspirations from the Universe.

The trick is to Trust and then to take Action.

These Chakra mugs were divinely inspired after teaching my first Reiki class. Each mug speaks  and affirms to a balanced Chakra, reminding us to Relax. Decide each morning which Chakra you need to nurture. Repeat your Affirmation throughout your day as you Create a Wonderful Day!

Thank you Universe!


Closet of Colour

I was sitting on my bed and glanced over at my open closet door. I have never had a walk- in closet, an obsession for shoes or purses or even a lot of clothes, but what I saw tonight, was Colour. Lots of colour and this made me happy. Chakra colours. Colour has always been an important part of my life and I have never been afraid of it, whether it be with clothes, cars, home décor or lipstick. It’s not about the quantity, but about the quality. This made me smile tonight. What’s in your closet?Closet of Colour

Awake, Affirm, Relax and Create a Wonderful Day!

For the past 4 days, I have been quickly woken in a fight or flight mode, ready to go help my Sister in her time of need while recovering from her Back Surgery.

This has shown me the Contrast of my usual routine. It has also shown me how fast we can get out of alignment,  with unbalanced chakras, quickly leading to a feeling of being overwhelmed. It can be a long road back from that.

I am grateful for my morning rituals I have created over the past 30 years, which progressively have advanced with the inclusion of Reiki.

Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Edgar Cayce, Ram Dass, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Gary Zukav, Deepak Chopra, Barbara Ann Brennan, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Barbara De Angelis, Ruth Montgomery, Brian Weiss, Raymond Moody,  Ester and Jerry Hicks and Abraham, Mikao Usui, have all led me on my journey to this moment that really matters; NOW.

This recent Contrast led me to the realization that with a strong Morning Ritual, our day’s momentum creates our success.

Without it, the momentum is chaotic and quickly can lose control.

I am including Louise Hay’s article in today’s Blog, as if it helps one person, then my words have succeeded.

Before I do that, I also want to embrace the Contrast that led me to becoming more grateful than before and in so doing, there is more peace, with alignment returning quicker. Reiki balances the chakras and health flourishes.

Always be Grateful for the Contrast that Life offers us.



Dear Ones,

Did you know that the first hour of the morning is crucial? How you spend it will determine your experience the rest of your day.

How did you start your day today? When you woke up, what were the first words that came out of your mouth? Did you complain? Did you think about what wasn’t working in your life?

How you start your day is often how you live your life. What do you say when you first look in the bathroom mirror? What do you say when you take a shower? What do you say when you get dressed? How do you leave your house for work? Do you just run out the door, or do you say something nice first? What do you do when you get into the car? Do you slam the door and growl about going to work, or do you bless the traffic on your journey?

If you have a lousy way of starting your day, you’re not going to have a good day—ever. It’s not possible. If you do your best to have the morning be awful, your day will be awful.

If you are a busy mom or dad who needs to get the children ready for school, or if you have to get to work early, it’s important to give yourself some time to start your day off in the right way. I would rather wake up earlier to have this extra time in the morning. Even if you give yourself only 10 or 15 minutes, this is absolutely essential. It’s your time for self-care.

When you get up, it’s important to do a ritual that feels good to you and to say something to yourself that makes you feel good. Set in motion the best day possible for yourself. You don’t have to make these changes in your life all at once. Just pick one ritual for the morning and start there. Then once you have the ritual down, pick another one and keep practicing. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Remember: the idea is to feel good.

Let’s affirm: Today I create a wonderful new day and a wonderful new future.

Morning Exercise
When you first wake up in the morning and open your eyes, say these affirmations to yourself: Good morning, bed. Thank you for being so comfortable. I love you. This is a blessed day. All is well. I have time for everything I need to do today.
Now take a few more minutes to relax and let these affirmations flow through your mind, then feel them in your heart and throughout the rest of your body.
When you’re ready to get up, go to your bathroom mirror. Look deeply into your eyes. Smile at that beautiful, happy, relaxed person looking back at you!
As you’re looking in the mirror, say these affirmations: Good morning, [Name]. I love you. I really, really love you. There are great experiences coming our way today. And then say something nice to yourself like: Oh, you look wonderful today. You have the best smile. I wish you a terrific day today.

Excerpt from Mirror Work by Louise Hay


Stepping Stone Exercise

reiki masterDo you see how each stone in your career has led you to Today?
This is a fun exercise to do.
Find a photograph of stepping stones that you adore.
Ensure the stones are big enough to allow text to be on them.
Reflect on all your past jobs from the very beginning; how you came about to be working there, the lessons learned, the people you met, the memories you hold.

Take note of your emotions and be attentive to your body as you create. You may see patterns, connections, progressions, synchronicities and/or Universal guidance.

Take a look at your first job and where you are now. Does it connect? You can find out a lot about yourself through this exercise and see how each stone is a step towards You today. Look for it. Have fun!



Reiki, with No Box

As I enter my 5th year as Comfort Care/Reiki Practitioner in a Long Term Care Home, I have come to know so much more than I learned in my Reiki Certifications.

Reiki works with each Practitioner in a unique way and it is up to us to Listen to it.

Reiki guides us always. We just have to Get out of our own Way.

I have learned that before I even go to my place of work (one day a week) I must  become Reiki, spending quiet time with prayers of protection, asking for guidance for each person I meet during the day and instilling myself with the knowing that I must Listen to where I am guided each and every moment of my day there. When I walk in the doors, I AM Reiki.

I had to, not only Think outside of the Box, from Systematic Reiki, but get rid of the Box  itself!

I may prepare a list of Residents to see, but as soon as I walk out into the Home, I am guided to where I need to go. I find this like an Adventure, a healing Adventure and there is no greater feeling than to spend time, sharing the Reiki energy to the Elders. They are so appreciative of the Love, nurturing energy, touch, hugs and attention they receive. They are always Grateful; even if they cannot speak, they tell me with their eyes.

Reiki is humbling, blissful and peaceful, filling your Aura with your Light shining all around you.



Library Guides♡

” Those of us who follow the call and become Energy Medicine practitioners, come to understand that the entirety of our lives through every twist and turn – has actually been preparing us perfectly for this work. ”

July/August 2017   Energy Medicine

One of my first jobs was at Thornhill Village Library, established in 1851; became a library in 1960 and designated in 1978 for it’s heritage value. 

The floors creaked and the books had that distinctive smell  of holding history secrets in their pages. It was there I found my Library Guide.
Little did I know at the time, this would shape my future. 

Since that time, my Library Guide has shown me what books to read most of my life. I would always invite him along when I was going to the library, years later, and would be directed right to the book that was right  at that time. I never questioned it, just said thank you and knew in my soul it was right.

Book after book, I was led to the next step; an insight, inspiration,  or decision.

The majority of the books I read were non-fiction. So much to learn (or remember) and I soaked it all up like a sponge. Some people in my life didn’t understand and our paths went different ways. I’ve come to realize that’s ok.  We are all on our own journey to Love.

We have to listen to the whispers, the signs. They are there for each one of us. I have been led to this very moment and it is Now, the Beginning. With Reiki, I listen and trust and every step has led me here ♡ Thank you to all of my Guides and I am grateful I Listen.

It’s all about YOU ♡

We are not getting out of this alive, so we might as well enjoy ourselves and be kind to one another. This journey of ours is for growth and lessons to be learned, so all of the situations, people, drama and pain are there to help us be the best we can be. To love and serve is my journey now. I know this clearly. It lightens the load when we realize it is all about us and no one else. Death will beset us all; it is another stage of life and should not be feared. Earth’s drama is over and a new story will be offered, if wanted. The veil is so thin. We can enjoy our dear ones from the other side; they are there to comfort us now. Be you and love yourself and the rest will look after itself.

These thoughts came so quickly to me after spending much time yesterday in the hospital with my Dad. Reiki comforted us both and was sent to the Emergency room, doctors and nurses and patients. The energy was abundant and ever flowing and felt by all.

Namaste ♡